How and where to help during COVID-19 outbreak in Central Texas and Houston areas

It appears that some of us, not pointing any fingers, but some may have purchased too many items. Also, some of us are looking how to give back and contribute to the fight to flatten the curve during this outbreak. Here are some resources for you if you fall into either of these groups. In general, it is recommended you stay home as much as possible, but please support these non-profits and local charities if at all possible. There’s also several resources on the City of Austin and the Houston Health Department websites about proper safety guidance, as well as info dealing with evictions, utility payments, and other financial burdens brought on by the outbreak.

Austin Area:

1. Central Texas Food Bank

2. American Red Cross

3. City of Austin Website

4. Austin Disaster Relief Network


Houston Area:

1. Houston Food Bank

2. Houston Relief Hub

3. Houston Health Department Emergency Info

4. Interfaith Ministries of Houston (their facebook page, main site appears down).

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