Robert Thomas Rice

Robert Thomas Rice, experienced Texas Trial Attorney, represents working people because of his own experiences growing up in an industrial area where his family and others totally depended on good jobs at a chemical plant.  Personal Injury Attorney Robert Thomas Rice was born in the “Dow” Hospital in Freeport, Texas. Robert Rice grew up 10 miles away in the county seat, Angleton, Texas. His parents were hardworking “blue collar” working people. When Robert Rice’s step-father, who was a union worker at Dow Chemical, would get injured and miss work, money got tight really quick. Rice and his family personally experienced hard times when either parent was not able to work. Even when Rice’s step-dad was on strike as a union member, in order to fight for better pay, benefits, or improved labor conditions at Dow Chemical. Rice was an eyewitness to the financial struggles of his family.


All of these experiences gave Robert Rice a heart for the working man, especially when they suffered an injury that affected their ability to work and support their family, who lived paycheck to paycheck. Robert Rice was the Student Body President and Valedictorian of Angleton High School. As a result, Rice was awarded a Dow Chemical Scholarship and attended University of Texas, originally as a chemistry-premed major. Dow Chemical also offered him a summer job in between semesters which helped him finance his college education. However, when a strike occurred at the Dow plant in Freeport, Rice was not willing to cross the picket line. When the strike was over, Rice’s step-dad couldn’t pass a physical because of several hernia injuries he suffered slugging in the Dow magnesium cells. Rice’s step dad lost his job at Dow.

Making the move

Eventually, Robert Rice switched from pre-med to pre-law and graduated with honors from UT. He then attended University of Texas Law School and returned to Angleton, Brazoria County, Texas work as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office. Thereafter, he began representing injured workers in lawsuits against the chemical plants as well as car wrecks and products liability cases.

Story of Success

ROBERT RICE has won many large verdicts for injured working people in Brazoria County, Texas. In Sitton v. Dow, the jury awarded $1,373,000.00 after the Company lawyer had offered only $5000.0. In Hills v. Amoco, Rice teamed up with Scott Sanes (RICE AND SANES LLP) and recovered $2,500,000.00. After achieving a not guilty jury verdict on a murder case, Robert Rice sued the gun manufacturer and persuaded a federal jury in Galveston, Texas to award $200,000.00 to the Taylor children in Taylor v. Sturm € Ruger. Thereafter, after Robert T. Rice convinced a criminal jury that his client was innocent of Voluntary Manslaughter. He sued the car manufacturer for products liability and recovered $100,000.00 for the father of the deceased children in Assady v. Datsun.  Later, Vanessa Kotrulja, working as a sales manager for Lowes, was injured in an auto accident. RICE AND SANES persuaded a jury in Harris County, Texas to award her $91,500.00 for a non-operated neck injury. Recently, a rodeo cowboy, Lawrence Cooks, who had previously injured his neck riding broncos, hired Robert T. Rice to represent him in a car wreck. The jury verdict in this case was $198,000.00

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