Robert T. Rice and Joshua R. Rice, personal injury trial lawyers at RICE AND RICE LLP (previously RICE AND SANES LLP) represent auto accident victims injured by dangerous distracted drivers. So many drivers talk on their cell phones while driving. They also text on their smart phones and attempt to navigate through traffic at high rates of speed. Texting includes composing texts, or sending texts, or reading text messages on a mobile phone while simultaneously operating a motor vehicle. Texting while driving significantly increases the risk of life-threatening accidents due to driver distraction.(U.S. Department of Transportation 2-14-2012). In fact, distracted driving is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

The experienced personal injury trial lawyers at RICE AND RICE LLP immediately subpoena the cell phone records of all drivers involved in the collision. These records are critical in proving to an insurance adjuster, a mediator, or a jury that dangerous distracted driving occurred. This proof can greatly increase the amount of recovery of personal injury damages in a car crash for the innocent victims.

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, contact Robert T. Rice, personal injury trial lawyer in Brazoria County, Texas at 979-864-3000 or 1-833-RICELAW. Email attorneyrice@aol.com. Fax – 979-849-1124. Robert T. Rice has tried many jury trials involving distracted driving over the last 40 years in Angleton, Texas. Joshua R. Rice, personal injury trial attorney, joined the firm of RICE AND SANESS LLP in 2014 and is licensed in state and federal courts. Now with the law firm of RICE AND RICE LLP, Joshua R. Rice has successfully tried numerous jury trials and resolved many personal injury cases involving victims of dangerous distracted driving. Contact Joshua R. Rice, experienced personal injury trial attorney at 979-864-3000 (office), fax 979-849-1124, or 1-833-RICELAW. Email jrice6500@gmail.com.


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